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Frequently Asked Questions

If I call at 9 AM can you still make a pick-up in the Los Angeles area?

Can you pick-up at more than one customer on the same truck?

Can you tarp (weather protect) my load?

Can you keep us notified of the status of our shipment?

Can you pre-load our freight?

Do you transport freight outside of California?

Can you hold our load if the customer is not ready for their shipment?

Is Warehousing and rail service available?

Do you have roll-tight trailers that load like a van but slide open for crane loading?

With Air Resource regulations, are you qualified to load at the ports?

Do you have Dry Vans?

Can you load import freight at Air and Container Freight Stations?

Can you send a check with your driver for loading charges & bill us for it?

If we have a machinery load, do you have equipment to load it?

Do you have hydraulic trailers that can load and un-load my forklifts & tractors?

Can you transport oversized loads and provide the required permits?

Can you pick-up my freight and deliver to our customer instead of us?

Can you provide a “Blind Bill of Lading” listing the shipment from our company?

Can you visit us to discuss our specialized needs?

Are you in compliance with ARB California regulations?

Frequent Answers

The answer to all of the above questions is yes. If you have any other questions regarding our company and services, please call us. 

Quali-T-Ruck Service, Inc.

3767 E. Church Ave.
Fresno, California 93725

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 10197
Fresno, California 93745

Email: dispatch@quali-t-ruck.com
Phone: 1-559-485-9211
Toll Free: 1-800-828-8201
Fax: 1-559-485-7703


"Dependability” is a word that describes Quali-T-Ruck Service. Deliveries are always on a timely basis. EFCO needs that and it is provided day in and day out."

Steve Boogaard
Economy Forms Corporation

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